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RapidApp::Module::DbicRowDV - DataView module for a single DBIC Row


In the RapidDbic config of a DBIC module:

  # ...
  RapidDbic => {
    grid_params => {
      '*defaults' => { # Defaults for all Sources
        updatable_colspec => ['*'],
        creatable_colspec => ['*'],
        destroyable_relspec => ['*']
      }, # ('*defaults')
      SomeSource => {
        page_class  => 'RapidApp::Module::DbicRowDV',
        page_params => {
          template => 'somesource.html',
      # ...
    # ...
  # ...

In somesource.html:

  <b>Name:</b> [% r.autofield.column1 %]

  [% r.autofield.column2 %]
  # ...


This module provides a TT-driven html template for the "page" view of a DBIC source. It extends the RapidApp::Module::AppDV class, targeted for this specific (i.e. single row) case. If you want a custom designed page for a row, with in-line editable columns, this is the module you want.


This module supports all the same attributes of DbicLnk module (i.e. include_colspec, ResultSource, etc) plus the following extra attrs.


Defaults to root/templates within your application home dir.


Path to the template to use under the tt_include_path

The template can contain raw html. The read-only value of a given column can used inline by supplying the column name within curly-braces:


For an editable version of a column (dependent on editable perms, updatable_colspec, etc) use:

  [% r.autofield.some_column %]

This will also render the value of the column, but will also be an editable/clickable control to set the value in-place.



Henry Van Styn <>


This software is copyright (c) 2015 by IntelliTree Solutions llc.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.