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Christopher H. Laco
Mango::Manual - User guide and reference for Mango
Mango::Manual::About - A few words about the Mango Framework.
mango - Bootstrap a Mango application
Catalyst::Helper::Mango - Catalyst Helper for Mango applications
Mango - An ecommerce solution using Catalyst, Handel and DBIx::Class
Mango::Attribute - Module representing a product attribute
Mango::Cart - Module representing a shopping cart
Mango::Cart::Item - Module representing an individual cart item
Mango::Catalyst::Controller - Base controller for Catalyst controllers in Mango
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Admin - Catalyst controller for admin tasks
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Admin::Products - Catalyst controller for product admin
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Admin::Products::Attributes - Catalyst controller for product attribute admin
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Admin::Roles - Catalyst controller for role admin
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Admin::Users - Catalyst controller for user admin
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Cart - Catalyst controller for cart information
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Cart::Items - Catalyst controller for cart item information
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Checkout - Catalyst controller for checkout
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Form - Catalyst controller for form based activity.
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Login - Catalyst controller for logins
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Logout - Catalyst controller for logouts
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Products - Catalyst controller for displaying products.
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::REST - Catalyst controller for REST based activity.
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Root - Catalyst controller for the homepage
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Settings - Catalyst controller for users settings
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Users - Catalyst controller for displaying users
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Users::Wishlists - Catalyst controller for displaying any users wishlists
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Wishlists - Catalyst controller for current users wishlists
Mango::Catalyst::Controller::Wishlists::Items - Catalyst controller for wishlist item information
Mango::Catalyst::Model::Carts - Catalyst model for cart information
Mango::Catalyst::Model::Orders - Catalyst model for order information
Mango::Catalyst::Model::Products - Catalyst model for product information
Mango::Catalyst::Model::Profiles - Catalyst model for user profile information
Mango::Catalyst::Model::Provider - Catalyst model for Mango::Provider classes
Mango::Catalyst::Model::Roles - Catalyst model for user role information
Mango::Catalyst::Model::Users - Catalyst model for user information
Mango::Catalyst::Model::Wishlists - Catalyst model for wishlist information
Mango::Catalyst::Plugin::Application - Catalyst plugin loading all Mango specific plugins
Mango::Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication - Custom Catalyst Authentication Plugin
Mango::Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::AnonymousUser - Custom Catalyst Authentication Anonymous User
Mango::Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::CachedUser - Cached Custom Catalyst Authentication User
Mango::Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::Store - Custom Catalyst Authentication Store
Mango::Catalyst::Plugin::Authentication::User - Custom Catalyst Authentication User
Mango::Catalyst::Plugin::Forms - Catalyst plugin for application wide forms
Mango::Catalyst::Plugin::I18N - Custom Catalyst I18N Plugin
Mango::Catalyst::View::Atom - View class for Atom feeds
Mango::Catalyst::View::Feed - View class for XML::Feed based feeds
Mango::Catalyst::View::HTML - View class for HTML output
Mango::Catalyst::View::RSS - View class for RSS feeds
Mango::Catalyst::View::Template - View class for template based output
Mango::Catalyst::View::Text - View class for Text output
Mango::Catalyst::View::XHTML - View class for XHTML output
Mango::Checkout - Mango class to handle checkout/order processing
Mango::Currency - Module for currency formatting and conversion
Mango::Exception - Module representing an exception or error condition
Mango::Form - Module representing an input form
Mango::Form::Results - Module representing form validation results
Mango::I18N - Message localization support for Mango
Mango::I18N::en - Mango Language Pack: English
Mango::I18N::ru - Mango Language Pack: Russian
Mango::Iterator - Module representing a collection of results
Mango::Object - Base class used for Mango result objects.
Mango::Object::Meta - Module representing object meta information
Mango::Order - Module representing an order
Mango::Order::Item - Module representing an individual order item
Mango::Product - Module representing a product
Mango::Profile - Module representing a user profile
Mango::Provider - Base class for all Mango providers
Mango::Provider::Carts - Provider class for cart information
Mango::Provider::DBIC - Provider class for DBIx::Class based providers
Mango::Provider::Orders - Provider class for order information
Mango::Provider::Products - Provider class for product information
Mango::Provider::Profiles - Provider class for user profile information
Mango::Provider::Roles - Provider class for user role information
Mango::Provider::Users - Provider class for user information
Mango::Provider::Wishlists - Provider class for wishlist information
Mango::Role - Module representing a user role
Mango::Schema - Schema class for Mango
Mango::Schema::Cart - DBIC schema class for carts
Mango::Schema::Cart::Item - DBIC schema class for cart items
Mango::Schema::Order - DBIC schema class for orders
Mango::Schema::Order::Item - DBIC schema class for order items
Mango::Schema::Product - DBIC schema class for products
Mango::Schema::ProductAttribute - DBIC schema class for product attributes
Mango::Schema::ProductTag - DBIC schema class for product tags
Mango::Schema::Profile - DBIC schema class for Profiles
Mango::Schema::Role - DBIC schema class for Roles
Mango::Schema::Tag - DBIC schema class for Tags
Mango::Schema::User - DBIC schema class for Users
Mango::Schema::UserRole - DBIC schema class for users role membership
Mango::Schema::Wishlist - DBIC schema class for wishlists
Mango::Schema::Wishlist::Item - DBIC schema class for wishlist items
Mango::Tag - Module representing a [folksonomy] tag
Mango::User - Module representing an individual user
Mango::Wishlist - Module representing a wishlist
Mango::Wishlist::Item - Module representing an individual wishlist item
Mango::Iterator::HandelResults in lib/Mango/Iterator.pm
Mango::Iterator::List in lib/Mango/Iterator.pm
Changes for version 0.01000_12
    • Fixed various controllers to use Chained instead of index : Private
    • Converted Live Catalyst tests to Test::Class and added tests for path config option and subclass renames
    • Added RSS tests to live tests
    • Added Admin tests

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