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יובל קוג'מן (Yuval Kogman)
mailsum - Mail::Summary::Tools command line frontend
Mail::Summary::Tools - Tools for mailing list summarization.
Mail::Summary::Tools::ArchiveLink - Base role for links to archives.
Mail::Summary::Tools::ArchiveLink::Easy - Easy constructors for archive links.
Mail::Summary::Tools::ArchiveLink::Gmane - Link to Gmane archives via message ID.
Mail::Summary::Tools::ArchiveLink::GoogleGroups - Link to Google Groups via message ID.
Mail::Summary::Tools::CLI - App::Cmd based mailing list summarization tool.
Mail::Summary::Tools::CLI::Create - Create or update a summary file from mailboxes
Mail::Summary::Tools::CLI::Download - Downlaad mailing list messages from archives
Mail::Summary::Tools::CLI::Download::nntp - Download threads from an NNTP server.
Mail::Summary::Tools::CLI::Edit - Edit a YAML summary using the FlatFile format
Mail::Summary::Tools::CLI::ToHTML - Emit a formatted HTML summary
Mail::Summary::Tools::CLI::ToText - Emit a formatted plain text summary
Mail::Summary::Tools::Downloader::NNTP - Get NNTP articles and their thread roots.
Mail::Summary::Tools::Summary - A simple summary format for multiple mailing lists
Mail::Summary::Tools::ThreadFilter - Filter Mail::Box::Thread::Node objects
Mail::Summary::Tools::YAMLCache - A low performance cache which is easy to edit/fix.
Date::Range::Forgiving in lib/Mail/Summary/Tools/ThreadFilter/Util.pm
Mail::Summary::Tools::CLI::Config in lib/Mail/Summary/Tools/CLI/Config.pm

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