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Changes for version 0.96

  • DRD/SIDN & associated modules : .NL EPP full support (work sponsored by SIDN)
  • DRD/CIRA & associated modules : .CA EPP full support (work sponsored by CIRA)
  • .IT EPP extensions contributed by Alessandro Zummo, with some changes
  • Logging/Syslog : contributed by Jørgen Thomsen
  • .GL EPP support contributed by Jørgen Thomsen
  • Protocol/EPP/Util : some utility functions previously in Protocol/EPP/Message Protocol/EPP Protocol/EPP/Core/{Contact,Domain}, but needed in other places (various EPP extensions that has been modified to use this new module)
  • XML::LibXML version 1.61 is needed for getChildrenByTagName('*') (reported by Cipriano Groenendal)
  • Data/Contact/AFNIC : relax test on country, as TLD is opening to French abroad
  • Protocol/EPP/Extensions/AFNIC/Domain : during create make sure to test contacts validity
  • .NO updates by UNINETT Norid ( http://www.norid.no ), consisting of the following
  • .NO : Adaptions to XML-schema for host: All 'ownerID/ownerid/Owner ID' replaced by 'sponsoringClientID/sponsoringclientid/Sponsor ID'
  • .NO : Added facets support, facets are available for all EPP-commands/operations, including poll/ack.
  • .NO : Updated the test client eg/epp_client_no.pl to support setting of facets for all operations. The client has been used for testing and verification of the implementation.
  • .NO : Added some tests to t/633norid_epp.t to verify some operations without and with facets. Added module test for domain_withdraw.
  • .NO : Improved parsing of various service messages.
  • .SE various updates (contributed by Jørgen Thomsen, with some changes)
  • Protocol/ResultStatus::get_extended_results() : change of output API, now gets back an array of ref hashes (previously: array of scalars)
  • Protocol/EPP/Message : new add_to_extra_info() internal method
  • Protocol/EPP/Message : changing the API of data parsed out of value/extValue nodes + better parse of extValue nodes in EPP
  • Protocol/RRI/Message,Protocol/EPP/Extensions/VeriSign/NameStore,Protocol/EPP/Extensions/{PL,NO}/Message : update to new API for registry extra_info, and use of add_to_extra_info()
  • Protocol/EPP/Extensions/Nominet : various update per instructions from http://www.nominet.org.uk/registrars/systems/nominetepp/changestoepp/
  • Protocol/Whois/Domain/EU : detection of registry rate limiting (after report from Denise Clampitt)
  • Transport/HTTP : better error message if remote_url not correctly defined (suggested by Andreas Wittkemper)
  • Protocol/EPP/Extensions/SE : added SecDNS as default extension (from Andreas Wittkemper)
  • Protocol/IRIS/LWZ : removing fallback to RFC1950 as Denic server should be fixed by now (to use RFC1951 as mandatory by the LWZ RFC)
  • Protocol/ResultStatus::as_string() : changed the output format
  • DRD/{SE,SIDN} : various updates regarding durations (contributed by Jørgen Thomsen)
  • DRD/BE : add proper methods for transfer_quarantine,trade,reactivate,undelete (reported by Andreas Wittkemper)
  • DRD/ICANN : add .CAT for allowed 1 and 2 characters domain names
  • Protocol/EPP/Extensions/SWITCH : add the SecDNS extension
  • DRD + DRD/* : check_name() verify_name_{host,domain}() enforce_{domain,host}_name_constraints() _verify_name_rules() : return error string instead of error code for better error tracking
  • DRD/NO : remove verify_name_host() the superclass version is the same
  • DRD/{AT,IENUMAT} : verify_name_domain() converted to new framework
  • Logging framework : internal changes for simplicity and less context passing, only external change: key "driver" used in header format is now named "transport" (prompted by bugreport from Jørgen Thomse regarding Transport->ping() missing logging context)
  • Transport : login/logout exchanges use the same "namespace" for the TRID than the relevant profil, instead of the transport name
  • Transport : added some more transport logging in all subclasses (besides Socket & HTTP that had it already)
  • Transport/Socket : remove use of eof() in _get as introduced in previous version as it seems to only create problems
  • Protocol/EPP/Extensions/PL/Connection : now renamed to Protocol/EPP/Extensions/HTTP as it is also used by .IT
  • DRD domain_create : bugfix for domain_check when pure_create!=1 (reported by Gerben Versluis)
  • Protocol/EPP/Extensions/Nominet/Host : update() bugfix (contributed by Marc Winoto)
  • Protocol/EPP/Extensions/{AFNIC,ARNES,DNSBE,EURid,PL}/Domain,Protocol/EPP/Extensions/{FCCN,Nominet}/Contact,Protocol/EPP/Extensions/Nominet/Account,Protocol/EPP/Extensions,CAT/DefensiveRegistration : correct test of contact class
  • Protocol/EPP/Connection find_code : correct (and better) regex when some extension is present (bugfix by Michael Braunoeder from NIC.AT, applied with changes)
  • Contact, Contact/AT : correct validation tests
  • Shell : correct domain_update for registrant change (from bugreport by Jonathan Eshel)
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