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Pinto - Curate a repository of Perl modules
Pinto::Action - Base class for all Actions
Pinto::Action::Add - Add a local distribution into the repository
Pinto::Action::Clean - Remove orphaned archives
Pinto::Action::Copy - Create a new stack by copying another
Pinto::Action::Default - Set the default stack
Pinto::Action::Delete - Delete archives from the repository
Pinto::Action::Diff - Show the difference between two stacks
Pinto::Action::Install - Install packages from the repository
Pinto::Action::Kill - Permanently delete a stack
Pinto::Action::List - List the contents of a stack
Pinto::Action::Lock - Lock a stack to prevent future changes
Pinto::Action::Log - Show revision log for a stack
Pinto::Action::New - Create a new empty stack
Pinto::Action::Nop - A no-op action
Pinto::Action::Pin - Force a package to stay in a stack
Pinto::Action::Props - Show or change stack properties
Pinto::Action::Pull - Pull upstream distributions into the repository
Pinto::Action::Register - Register packages from existing archives on a stack
Pinto::Action::Rename - Change the name of a stack
Pinto::Action::Stacks - List known stacks in the repository
Pinto::Action::Statistics - Report statistics about the repository
Pinto::Action::Unlock - Unlock a stack to allow future changes
Pinto::Action::Unpin - Loosen a package that has been pinned
Pinto::Action::Unregister - Unregister packages from a stack
Pinto::Action::Verify - Report distributions that are missing
Pinto::ArchiveUnpacker - Unpack an archive into a temporary directory
Pinto::Chrome - Base class for interactive interfaces
Pinto::CommitMessage - Utility class for commit message templates
Pinto::Config - Internal configuration for a Pinto repository
Pinto::Constants - Constants used across the Pinto utilities
Pinto::Database - Interface to the Pinto database
Pinto::Difference - Compute difference between two revisions
Pinto::DistributionSpec - Specifies a distribution by author and path fragments
Pinto::Exception - Base class for Pinto exceptions
Pinto::Globals - Global variables used across the Pinto utilities
Pinto::IndexCache - Manages indexes files from upstream repositories
Pinto::IndexWriter - Write records to an 02packages.details.txt file
Pinto::Initializer - Initializes a new Pinto repository
Pinto::Locker - Manage locks to synchronize concurrent operations
Pinto::Manual - Entry point for Pinto documentation
Pinto::Migrator - Migrate an existing repository to a new version
Pinto::ModlistWriter - Generates a stub 03modlist.data.gz file
Pinto::PackageExtractor - Extract packages provided/required by a distribution archive
Pinto::PackageSpec - Specifies a package by name and version
Pinto::PrerequisiteWalker - Iterates through distribution prerequisites
Pinto::Remote - Interact with a remote Pinto repository
Pinto::Remote::Action - Base class for remote Actions
Pinto::Remote::Action::Add - Add a distribution to a the repository
Pinto::Remote::Action::Install - Install packages from the repository
Pinto::Remote::Result - The result from running a remote Action
Pinto::Repository - Coordinates the database, files, and indexes
Pinto::Result - The result from running an Action
Pinto::RevisionWalker - Iterates through revision history
Pinto::Schema - The DBIx::Class::Schema for Pinto
Pinto::Schema::Result::Ancestry - Represents the relationship between revisions
Pinto::Schema::Result::Distribution - Represents a distribution archive
Pinto::Schema::Result::Package - Represents a Package provided by a Distribution
Pinto::Schema::Result::Prerequisite - Represents a Distribution -> Package dependency
Pinto::Schema::Result::Registration - Represents the relationship between a Package and a Stack
Pinto::Schema::Result::RegistrationChange - Not in use -- will be removed
Pinto::Schema::Result::Revision - Represents a set of changes to a stack
Pinto::Schema::Result::Stack - Represents a named set of Packages
Pinto::Schema::ResultSet::Package - Common queries for Packages
Pinto::Schema::ResultSet::Registration - Common queries for Registrations
Pinto::Server - Web interface to a Pinto repository
Pinto::Server::Responder - Base class for responders
Pinto::Server::Responder::Action - Responder for action requests
Pinto::Server::Responder::File - Responder for static files
Pinto::Server::Router - Routes server requests
Pinto::SpecFactory - Create Spec objects from strings
Pinto::Statistics - Report statistics about a Pinto repository
Pinto::Store - Storage for distribution archives
Pinto::Types - Moose types used within Pinto
Pinto::Util - Static utility functions for Pinto
pinto - Curate a custom repository of Perl modules
pintod - Web interface to a Pinto repository
Changes for version 0.088
  • Both the "pull" and "add" commands will no longer fetch development
    • prerequisites by default. If you want to have them, then add the
    • -with-development-prerequisites (or --wd) option.
  • If your username contains non-alphanumeric characters, they will be
    • stripped out when used as your author identity. This is because the
    • CPAN toolchain requires author ids to be alphanumeric. Thanks to
    • @chiselwright and @cebjyre.
  • Improved the output from the "manual" command. Thanks to Tommy Stanton.
  • Optimized some queries to make it faster to register packages on a stack.
    • In the best cases, performance has improved by about 150%. But in the
    • average case, the limiting factor is fetching and unpacking the upstream
    • distribution, so you'll only see a slight improvement there.
  • Pinto no longers stores the file path and SHA digest of every
    • package it sees in the META, since many distributions on CPAN don't have
    • the right paths in there anyway. This allows Pinto to index some
    • (technically broken) distributions that it otherwise couldn't. Pinto
    • was never really using this information anyway, and it will probably be
    • removed from the schema entirely in the next major upgrade cycle.
  • The "add" command now has an experimental --no-index option to exclude
    • certain packages from the index. This is useful when Pinto finds
    • packages in your distribution that it should not. Thanks to Todd Chapman
    • for the great suggestion.
  • The "diff" command now accepts revision IDs as arguments, so you can
    • compare any two arbitrary revisions. Revision IDs can be truncated to
    • uniqueness. This feature was generously funded by a grant from TPF.
  • The "new" command now accepts a --target-perl-version option to set
    • the target perl version of the new stack. This affects how Pinto
    • decided if a prerequisite is satisfied by the core. If you do not
    • specify the --target-perl-version, then it defaults the global value
    • that is set in the repository configuration file.
  • The "statistics" command now accepts a stack name, so you can see
    • the figures for any stack in the respository, not just the default
    • stack. This was a silly omission. I don't know why I left it out.
    • BUG FIXES:
  • You can now change only the letter case when renaming a stack, even
    • on case-insensitive filesystems. So you can change "foo" to "FOO".
    • Previously, you had to change the name entirely, and then rename it
    • again to the desired case.
  • You can now edit the commit message when pinto is reading input from
    • a file or pipe, as long as STDOUT is connected to a terminal. You
    • can always just use the -m or -M options if you don't want to edit
    • the message.

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