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Changes for version 0.088

  • Both the "pull" and "add" commands will no longer fetch development prerequisites by default. If you want to have them, then add the --with-development-prerequisites (or --wd) option.
  • The "add" command now has an experimental --no-index option to exclude certain packages from the index. This is useful when Pinto finds packages in your distribution that it should not. Thanks to Todd Chapman for the great suggestion.
  • The "diff" command now accepts revision IDs as arguments, so you can compare any two arbitrary revisions. Revision IDs can be truncated to uniqueness. This feature was generously funded by a grant from TPF.
  • The "new" command now accepts a --target-perl-version option to set the target perl version of the new stack. This affects how Pinto decided if a prerequisite is satisfied by the core. If you do not specify the --target-perl-version, then it defaults the global value that is set in the repository configuration file.
  • Improved the output from the "manual" command. Thanks to Tommy Stanton.
  • Optimized some queries to make it faster to register packages on a stack. In the best cases, performance has improved by about 150%. But in the average case, the limiting factor is fetching and unpacking the upstream distribution, so you'll only see a slight improvement there.
  • If your username contains non-alphanumeric characters, they will be stripped out when used as your author identity. This is because the CPAN toolchain requires author ids to be alphanumeric. Thanks to @chiselwright and @cebjyre.
  • The "statistics" command now accepts a stack name, so you can see the figures for any stack in the respository, not just the default stack. This was a silly omission. I don't know why I left it out.
  • You can now edit the commit message when pinto is reading input from a file or pipe, as long as STDOUT is connected to a terminal. You can always just use the -m or -M options if you don't want to edit the message.
  • You can now change only the letter case when renaming a stack, even on case-insensitive filesystems. So you can change "foo" to "FOO". Previously, you had to change the name entirely, and then rename it again to the desired case.
  • Pinto no longers stores the file path and SHA digest of every package it sees in the META, since many distributions on CPAN don't have the right paths in there anyway. This allows Pinto to index some (technically broken) distributions that it otherwise couldn't. Pinto was never really using this information anyway, and it will probably be removed from the schema entirely in the next major upgrade cycle.
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