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Changes for version 0.29 - 2011-09-19

  • Added missing prereq on Catalyst::Plugin::StackTrace.


Catalyst CGI
Catalyst FastCGI
Catalyst Test Server
Catalyst Test
Create a new Catalyst Component
Admin manual for Silki
Hack on Silki


Silki is a Catalyst-based wiki hosting platform
Extends dispatch to add get_FOO_html
Adds $c->domain() to the Catalyst object
Adds $c->redirect_with_error() to the Catalyst object
Adds tab-related methods to the Catalyst object
Adds $c->user() to the Catalyst object
Configuration information for Silki
Controller base class
Controller class for domains
Controller class for files
Controller class for pages
Controller class for processes
Controller class for the root of the URI namespace
Controller class for the site
Controller class for users
Controller class for wikis
Sends email from a template
Exception classes used by Silki
Turns wikitext into HTML
A subclass of HTML::FormatText that also handles links
A directory of help files
A single help file
The primary interface to i18n
A thin wrapper around a JSON::XS object
Provides functions for localization, like %date and %quant
A subclass of Data::Localize::Gettext
Parses span-level markup for the Silki Markdown dialect (currently empty)
Parses span-level markup for the Silki Markdown dialect
Represents a link to a file
Represents a link to an image (to be embedded in the page)
Represents a placeholder for page links
Represents a link to a wiki page
Extracts all links from a Silki Markdown document
A subclass of Markdent::Handler::HTMLStream which handles Silki-specific markup
A role which resolves page/file/image links from wikitext
An uber-hack plugin to override Catalyst's error output and add better error logging
Provides a database handle to the session using Silki::Schema
A Catalyst::Request subclass which knows how to get user-provided data for specific classes
Provides a pager to controllers
Generates an atom feed from a set of revisions
Provides user-related methods and actions
Handles wikitext provided by the user, including spam checking
Does data validation on inserts and updates
Logs specified actions in the SystemLog table
Adds an $object->uri() method
Provides common behavior for combining and minifying JS or CSS
Represents the Silki schema
Represents a country
Represents a domain
Represents a file
Represents a locale
Represents a page
Represents a link from one page to another
Represents a page revision
Represents a tag for a page
Represents a link to a page which does not yet exist
Represents a permission
A Fey::Policy for Silki
Represents a separate process
Represents a role
Represents a system log entry
Represents a tag
Represents a text search result
Represents a time zone
Represents a user
Represents a user's role in a specific wiki
Represents a wanted page
Represents a wiki
Represents the permission granted to a role in a specific wiki
Seeds a fresh database with data
Exports Silki types as well as Moose and Path::Class types
Silki-specific types
A utility module for generating URIs
A utility module
A Mason-based view
Combines and minifies CSS source files
Does post-processing on HTML forms
Represents data for filling in forms
Combines and minifies Javascript source files
An object for session data
A tab in the web UI


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in lib/Silki/Formatter/
in lib/Silki/Formatter/HTMLToWiki/
in lib/Silki/Formatter/HTMLToWiki/Table/
in lib/Silki/
in lib/Silki/View/
in lib/Silki/Role/CLI/
in lib/Silki/Role/Controller/
in lib/Silki/Role/Controller/
in lib/Silki/Role/
in lib/Silki/Role/Schema/
in lib/Silki/Role/Schema/
in lib/Silki/Role/Schema/
in lib/Silki/Schema/
in lib/Silki/Schema/
in lib/Silki/Schema/
in lib/Silki/Wiki/
in lib/Silki/Wiki/
in lib/Silki/CLI/