Alex Vandiver


Jifty::Action::Record::Create - Automagic creation action


This class is used as the base class for Jifty::Actions that are merely creating Jifty::Record objects. To use it, subclass it and override the record_class method to return the name of the Jifty::Record subclass that this action creates.



Set the default value in each of the fields to whatever the default of the column is in the model


Overrides the virtual take_action method on Jifty::Action to call the appropriate Jifty::Record's create method when the action is run, thus creating a new object in the database.

The id of the new row is returned in the id content of the Jifty::Result for the action. You can use this in conjunction with request mapping in order to give later parts of the request access to the id.


This method actually performs the call to record->create. It receives as arguments the parameter hash and should return the message for the user, indicating success or failure.


Sets the "message" in Jifty::Result to default success message, "Created". Override this if you want to report some other more user-friendly result.


Create actions do not provide fields for columns marked as private or protected.


Passes for => 'create' to validators.


Passes for => 'create' to canonicalizers.


Passes for => 'create' to autocompleters.


Jifty::Action::Record, Jifty::Record


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