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Using Jifty's default ACL system
使用 Jifty 預設的 ACL 系統
Doing Stuff With Jifty
讓 Jifty 做事
There And Back Again
Recipes for common tasks in Jifty
Deploying your application for production use
佈署你的應用程式 Deploying your application for production use
Frequently Answered Questions
The Jifty dictionary
JavaScript programming guide for Jifty
Jifty 之 JavaScript 程式設計指引
Using and controlling Jifty's logging system
Managing your datastore
An overview of the Jifty object model
Using page regions
One Path to a Snappy UI
Jifty's request handling process
Jifty coding style guide
Zero to Jifty in a Jiffy
Einführung in Jifty
Jifty 從零開始
How-to change your application database over time
Using CSS and JavaScript
How to migrate your code to use jQuery.
summarize the size of javascript used in your jifty app


an application framework
Manages and allow reflection on the Jifty::Actions that make up a Jifty application's API
The ability to Do Things in the framework
Give information about the current user
An action for making autocompletion suggestions
An action tied to a record in the database.
Perform multiple record actions
Automagic creation action
Automagic delete action
Simple abstract based for record actions
Automagic search action
Automagic update action
Redirect the browser
Insert initial data into your database
Jifty's Content-Addressable Storage facility
An object in Jifty's content-addressed store
Abstract class for Jifty's Content-Addressed Storage
A local file backend for Jifty's CAS
A memcached backend for Jifty's CAS
An single-process in-memory CAS store
A layered CAS store
Loads the application classes
Subclass of WWW::Mechanize with extra Jifty features
Collection of Jifty::Record objects
the configuration handler for Jifty
Allows for basic continuation-based programming
Base class and basic implementation of current user object
a DateTime subclass that knows about Jifty users
The Jifty Dispatcher
Load all of the important Jifty modules at once.
A Jifty::DBI filter to work with Jifty::DateTime objects
This filter stores arbitrary Perl via JSON
A database handle class for Jifty
Methods related to the finding and returning content
Internationalization framework for Jifty
Wrapper around JSON
A way to expose single-link URLs to your applications
A master class for Jifty's logging framework
Jifty documentation
Tracks Jifty-related metadata
Jifty session tracking
Specialized handling of the session collection
Jifty-specific helper for Module::Pluggable
Send emails from Jifty
Base class for most of Jifty's objects
Parameters for Jifty actions
Declare parameters of a Jifty action with ease.
Describes a plugin to the Jifty framework
add created_by created_on updated_by updated_on columns to a model class
dispatcher of the AdminUI plugin
CRUD views for AdminUI
password authentication plugin
resend confirmation for new mail or password
use the cssQuery JavaScript library with Jifty
Automatically generates application classes
Provide Jifty API compatibility
Compression of CSS and javascript files
add a configuration entry
dispatcher of the Config plugin
Templates for Config plugin
Handles Accept-Encoding and compression
Plugin for showing errors
Template pages to show errors
Provides halos
Class for drawing "halos" around page components
Additional i18n facility such as language selector
Sets user's current language
Add javascript files for IE
Plugin for url-based authentication
Dispatcher for LetMe plugin
Online documentation for Jifty in current application
Dispatcher for OnlineDocs plugin
Provide Prototype and Scriptaculous js libraries
Event-based publish/subscribe framework
AnyMQ class for Jifty
Connection to browser
Manage browser event subscriptions
Add REST web services to your app
Dispatcher for REST plugin
Use AMQP for RPC
Persistent storage for the request inspector
View for RequestInspector
Inspect your application's SQL queries
View for SQLQueries
make it easy for end-users to set up your app
templates for SetupWizard
Makes your app into a single-page
Dispatcher for SinglePage plugin
Skeleton for your application
Dispatcher for SkeletonApp plugin
Default fragments for your pages
Stores server warnings away for later fetching
Downloads test warnings
Plugin for building user models
sexy replacement for suckish Jifty::View::Declare::Page
new style page wrapper to simplify customization and reuse.
Represents a Jifty object that lives in the database.
Canonical internal representation of an incoming Jifty request
Maps response values into arbitrary query parameters
Canonical internal representation of the result of a Jifty::Action
Outcome of running a Jifty::Action
Delegate access control to a related object
generates and upgrades your application's schema
Base class for all bin/jifty commands
Add an action class to your Jifty application
localize a stock jifty component
Create the skeleton of a Jifty application
access the Jifty environment
A FastCGI server for your Jifty application
Add a model class to your Jifty application
Create the skeleton of a Jifty plugin
Extract translatable strings from your application
Create SQL to update or create your Jifty application's tables
Add a new Jifty script to your Jifty application
A standalone webserver for your Jifty application
Jifty's test module
Tests in Jifty distributions inside of Jifty
Test mail notification
Subclass of Test::WWW::Mechanize with extra Jifty features
Subclass of Test::WWW::Selenium with extra Jifty integration
Subclass of Test::WebDriver with extra Jifty integration
Starting and stopping jifty server for tests
an inline server for running tests
Superclass for schema/data upgrades to Jifty applications
Upgrades to Jifty-specific schema and data
Things that don't fit anywhere else
Base class for view modules
Build views using Template::Declare
Base class for Template::Declare views
Provides typical CRUD views to a model
Templates Jifty can't function without
The Jifty view handler for Template::Declare
Additional subroutines for Jifty TD templates
Handler for Mason requests inside of Jifty
Jifty view handler for static files
Web framework for a Jifty application
Describes an HTTP file upload
Tools for rendering and dealing with HTML forms
Some item that can be clicked on -- either a button or a link.
Some item that can be rendered in a form
Web input of some sort
Add buttons to your forms
Add checkboxes to your forms
Add a list of checkboxes for multiple-choice selection
render a whole collection of available values
Add comboboxes to your forms
Add date pickers to your forms
Add date pickers to your forms
Add hidden fields to your forms
Add buttons without a form
Add a password field to your forms
Add a radio button to your forms
Add a reset button to your forms
Add a list/popup menu control to your forms
Renders as a small text field
Add a multiline text field to your forms
Add time pickers to your forms
Handle unrendered fields
Creates a state-preserving HTML link
Handle the API for menu navigation
Defines a page region
A Jifty session handler
Jifty Sessions based on Apache::Session
Session handler for client-side sessions
A Jifty session handler
A null session handler for jifty
Wrapper around YAML


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