Alex Vandiver


Jifty::View::Declare::Helpers - Additional subroutines for Jifty TD templates


This library provides mixins to help build your application's user interface.



get args

Returns arguments as set in the dispatcher or with "set" below. If called in scalar context, pulls the first item in args and returns it. If called in list context, returns the values of all items in args.

    my $action = get('action');
    my ($action, $object) = get(qw(action object));

set key => val [ key => val ...]

Sets arguments for later grabbing with get.

HTML pages and layouts


 template 'foo' => page {{ title is 'Foo' } ... };


 template 'foo' => page { title => 'Foo' } content { ... };

Renders an HTML page wrapped in "wrapper", after calling "/_elements/nav" and setting a content type. Generally, you shouldn't be using "/_elements/nav" but a Dispatcher rule instead.

If page/content calling convention is used, the return value of the first sub will be passed into wrapper as the second argument as a hashref, as well as the last argument for the content sub.


Helper function for page { ... } content { ... }, read "page" instead.

wrapper $coderef

Render a page. $coderef is a Template::Declare coderef. This badly wants to be redone.

Forms and actions

form CODE

Takes a subroutine reference or block of perl as its only argument and renders it as a Jifty form, for example:

    my $action = new_action class => 'CreateTask';
    form {
        form_next_page url => '/';
        render_action $action;
        form_submit( label => _('Create') );

You can specify the form name using "with" in Template::Declare::Tags, like so:

    with (name => 'create_task'), form {


Shortcut for "new_action" in Jifty::Web.

render_action $action_object, $fields, $args_to_pass_to_action

Renders an action out of whole cloth.



A Jifty::Action object which has already been initialized


A reference to an array of fields that should be rendered when displaying this action. If left undefined, all of the action's fields will be rendered.


A hashref of arguments that should be passed to $action->form_field for every field of this action.

render_param $action, $param, %args

Takes an action and one or more arguments to pass to Jifty::Action->form_field.

render_hidden $action $name $default @args

Takes an action and one or more arguments to pass to Jifty::Action->hidden


Shortcut for "return" in Jifty::Web::Form.


Shortcut for "submit" in Jifty::Web::Form.


Shortcut for "next_page" in Jifty::Web::Form.

Other functions and shortcuts

Shortcut for "link" in Jifty::Web.


Shortcut for "tangent" in Jifty::Web.


Shortcut for "redirect" in Jifty::Web.


A shortcut for Jifty::Web::PageRegion->new(@_)->render which does the Template::Declare magic necessary to not mix its output with your current page's.


Shortcut for "request" in Jifty::Web.


Shortcut for "current_user" in Jifty::Web.


Allows you to put javascript handlers, a la Jifty::Web::Form::Element, onto arbitrary HTML elements:

  div {
      js_handlers {
          onclick => { path => "/some/region/path" }

render_mason PATH, ARGS

Renders the Mason template at PATH (a string) with ARGS (a hashref).