Padre::Help - Padre Help Provider API


The Padre::Help class provides a base class, default implementation and API documentation for help provision support in Padre.

In order to setup a help system for a document type called XYZ one has to do the following: Create a module called Padre::Help::XYZ that subclasses the Padre::Help module and override 3 methods: help_init, help_list and help_render.

In the class representing the Document (Padre::Document::XYZ) one should override the get_help_provider method and return an object of the help provide module. In our case it should contain

        require Padre::Help::XYZ;
        return Padre::Help::XYZ->new;

(TO DO: Maybe it should only return the name of the module)

The help_init method is called by the new method of Padre::Help once for every document of XYZ kind. (TO DO: maybe it should be only once for every document type, and not once for every document of that type).

help_list should return a reference to an array holding the possible strings the system can provide help for.

help_render is called by one of the keywords, it should return the HTML to be displayed as help and another string which is the location of the help. Usually a path to a file that will be used in the title of the window.