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Changes for version 1.00

  • Applied Patch in #1488 comment:7 itcharlie++ (BOWTIE)
  • Apply patch for #1504 dod++ (BOWTIE)
  • Apply patch2 from #1459 bojinlund++ (BOWTIE)
  • Update Makefile.PL with new versions (BOWTIE)
  • Add Patch for cut n paste adam++ #1312 (BOWTIE)
  • Fix Debug ip hanging, use instead of localhost (BOWTIE)
  • fix some unwanted background noise from debug raw (BOWTIE)
  • Apply patch from #1508 itcharlie++ (BOWTIE)
  • Add refresh_breakpoint_panel to Wx::Main (BOWTIE)
  • Add correct comment for PerlXS (BOWTIE)


Padre::DB class for the plugin table
Padre::DB class for the snippets table
The Primary Padre Documentation
Guide to hacking on Padre
Client for Padre


Perl Application Development and Refactoring Environment
auto-save and recovery mechanism for Padre
documentation browser for Padre
is an afterthought
The Padre Temporary Data Cache API
Padre Comment Support Library
Configuration subsystem for Padre
Implements on-the-fly configuration changes
Padre configuration storing host state data
Padre configuration for personal preferences
constants used by configuration subsystems
A context object, for centralising the concept of what is "current"
An ORLite-based ORM Database API
Padre::DB class for the bookmark table
Padre::DB class for the history table
Padre::DB class for the host_config table
Storage class for stateful cursor positions
Padre::DB class for the recently_used table
Padre::DB class for the session table
Padre::DB class for the session_file table
A very simple diff object that can be applied to editors fast
Support library for Padre desktop integration
Padre Document API
naive implementation of some beginner specific error checking
Perl 5 Help Provider
Padre Perl 5 Quick Fix
Check for strict and warnings pragmas
Starter module for Perl 5 documents
Constants to support currying of feature_* config options
Common API for file functions
Padre Help Provider API
Locale support for Padre
Provides _T for declaring translatable strings
The Padre Multi-Resource Lock Manager
Compile-time logging library for Padre
Padre MIME Registry and Type Detection
Move fragmented POD to the end of a Perl document
PPI::Transform integration with Padre
Demonstration transform
A more nuanced "Where is Perl" module than Probe::Perl
Padre plug-in API 2.2
tools used by the Padre developers
My personal plug-in
The Padre Popularity Contest
Module::Build subclass for building Padre plug-ins
Padre plug-in manager
A customised Pod to HTML for Padre
Padre Quick Fix Provider API
A simple event publish/subscriber role
A role for objects that commission tasks
The Padre Search API
Padre start-up related configuration settings
Utility functions for handling remote Configuration Syncing
Padre Task API 3.0
Task for executing arbitrary code via a string eval
File operations in the background
PPI based unmatched brace finder
Finds where a variable was declared using PPI
Introduces a temporary variable using PPI
Generic HTTP client background processing task
Lexically variable replace using PPI
Generic PPI background processing task
Padre Background Task and Service Manager
Padre Document Transform API
Padre non-Wx Utility Functions
Open in file browser action
Padre Win32 API Functions
Wx integration for Padre
Padre Action Object
Padre main Wx application abstraction
Wx front-end for Padre::Browser
A history-enabled Wx combobox
a dialog to show and configure advanced preferences
dialog to filter selection or document through an external tool
a dialog to jump to a user-specified line/position
Padre Shiny Help Search Dialog
Open Resources dialog
a dialog for opening URLs
The Padre Patch dialog
dialog to make it easy to create a regular expression
Padre Plug-in Manager Dialog
Go to previous (or earlier) position
Quick Menu Access dialog
dialog to make it easy to create a regular expression
Session manager dialog for Padre
dialog to save a Padre session
Windows list dialog for Padre
Utility functions for physical display geometry
Padre document editor object
Simple Single-Document Pod2HTML Viewer
Padre-enhanced version of Wx::HtmlWindow
The main window for the Padre IDE
Notebook that holds a set of editor objects
Interface to the Perl debugger.
Tell the user that we're doing something
Role to allow an object to receive Wx events
Role for Wx forms that control preference data
Role for Wx objects that implement context menus
Allow dialogs or frames to host simple common dialogs
Role for delaying method calls until idle time
Convenience methods for children of the main window
Convenience methods for working with Wx timers
A role for GUI tools that live in panels
Lock objects to prevent unintended scrolling
Encapsulates status bar customizations
A Wx::TreeCtrl with various extra convenience methods


in lib/Padre/Breakpoints.pm
in lib/Padre/Browser/POD.pm
in lib/Padre/Browser/PseudoPerldoc.pm
in lib/Padre/CPAN.pm
in lib/Padre/Command.pm
in lib/Padre/Config/Setting.pm
in lib/Padre/Config/Patch.pm
in lib/Padre/Config/Project.pm
in lib/Padre/Config/Setting.pm
in lib/Padre/DB/Timeline.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/CSharp.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/CSharp/FunctionList.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Java.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Java/FunctionList.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Patch.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Perl.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Perl/Autocomplete.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Perl/FunctionList.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Perl/Lexer.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Perl/Outline.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Perl/PPILexer.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Perl/Starter/Style.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Perl/Syntax.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Python.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Python/FunctionList.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Ruby.pm
in lib/Padre/Document/Ruby/FunctionList.pm
in lib/Padre/File/FTP.pm
in lib/Padre/File/HTTP.pm
in lib/Padre/File/Local.pm
in lib/Padre/Locale/Format.pm
in lib/Padre/Lock.pm
in lib/Padre/PPI.pm
in lib/Padre/Plugin/PopularityContest/Ping.pm
in lib/Padre/PluginHandle.pm
in lib/Padre/Portable.pm
in lib/Padre/Project.pm
in lib/Padre/Project/Null.pm
in lib/Padre/Project/Perl.pm
in lib/Padre/Project/Perl/DZ.pm
in lib/Padre/Project/Perl/EUMM.pm
in lib/Padre/Project/Perl/MB.pm
in lib/Padre/Project/Perl/MI.pm
in lib/Padre/Project/Perl/Temp.pm
in lib/Padre/Project/Temp.pm
in lib/Padre/ProjectManager.pm
in lib/Padre/SLOC.pm
in lib/Padre/SVN.pm
in lib/Padre/ServerManager.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/Addition.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/BackupUnsaved.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/Browser.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/CPAN.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/Diff.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/FindInFiles.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/FunctionList.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/LaunchDefaultBrowser.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/OpenResource.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/Outline.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/Pod2HTML.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/RecentFiles.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/ReplaceInFiles.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/Run.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/SLOC.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/Syntax.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/Transform.pm
in lib/Padre/Task/VCS.pm
in lib/Padre/TaskHandle.pm
in lib/Padre/TaskQueue.pm
in lib/Padre/TaskWorker.pm
in lib/Padre/Template.pm
in lib/Padre/Test.pm
in lib/Padre/Unload.pm
in lib/Padre/Util/CommandLine.pm
in lib/Padre/Util/SVN.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/ActionLibrary.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/AuiManager.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Bottom.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/CPAN.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/CPAN/Listview.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Choice/Files.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Choice/Theme.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/ComboBox/FindTerm.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Command.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Constant.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/About.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/Bookmarks.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/DebugOptions.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/Diff.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/Document.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/Expression.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/Find.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/FindInFiles.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/ModuleStarter.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/Preferences.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/RefactorSelectFunction.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/Replace.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/ReplaceInFiles.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/SLOC.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/SessionManager2.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/Snippet.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/Special.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/Sync.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/Text.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Dialog/WhereFrom.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Diff.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Diff2.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Directory.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Directory/Browse.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Directory/Path.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Directory/Search.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Directory/TreeCtrl.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Editor/Lock.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Editor/Menu.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/About.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Bookmarks.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Breakpoints.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/CPAN.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/DebugOptions.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/DebugOutput.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Debugger.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Diff.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Document.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Expression.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Find.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/FindFast.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/FindInFiles.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/FoundInFiles.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/ModuleStarter.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Outline.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/POD.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Patch.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/PluginManager.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Preferences.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Replace.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/ReplaceInFiles.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/SLOC.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/SessionManager.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Snippet.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Special.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Sync.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Syntax.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/TaskList.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/Text.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/VCS.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FBP/WhereFrom.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FileDropTarget.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Frame/HTML.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Frame/Null.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/FunctionList.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Icon.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Left.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/ListView.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu/Debug.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu/Edit.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu/File.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu/Help.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu/Perl.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu/Refactor.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu/Run.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu/Search.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu/Tools.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu/View.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menu/Window.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Menubar.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Nth.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Outline.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Output.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Panel/Breakpoints.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Panel/DebugOutput.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Panel/FindFast.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Panel/FoundInFiles.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Panel/TaskList.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Popup.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Printout.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/ReplaceInFiles.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Right.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Scintilla.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/SelectionLock.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Style.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Syntax.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/TaskList.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/TextEntryDialog/History.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Theme.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/ToolBar.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/Util.pm
in lib/Padre/Wx/VCS.pm