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Changes for version 1.1000

  • Better handling for dirty (changed but unsaved) single rel cols (VANSTYN)
  • FK single rel column ordering next to the physical FK - #163 (VANSTYN)
  • MultiFilter dialog open animation + fixed race-condition bug (VANSTYN)
  • Most windows/dialogs now limited to local Tab - #6 (VANSTYN)
  • Ajax timeout now produces a single dialog (VANSTYN)
  • AppDV: Expose column attrs in tpls via 'r.column_info' (VANSTYN)
  • AppDV: expose 'resData' to JavaScript-side tempalte env (VANSTYN)
  • AppDV: Fixes to enable/disable logic for store buttons (VANSTYN)
  • AppDV: improvements to field controls show/hide rules (VANSTYN)
  • AppDV: full-blown, per field validation monitoring (VANSTYN)
  • AppDV: new attr feature options: (VANSTYN)
    • refresh_on_hash_change
    • init_record_editable
    • refresh_on_save
  • AppDV: now allows normal browser behavior of form submits (VANSTYN)
  • Lots of other fixes/tweaks/improvements to AppDV (VANSTYN)
  • Misc improvements to the DbicDV subclass (VANSTYN)
  • Improvements to dirty value rendering for date columns (VANSTYN)
  • Refactoring/cleanup of column 'allow_' flags logic to backend (VANSTYN)
  • Moved RapidApp::Column to RapidApp::Module::DatStor::Column (VANSTYN)
  • Fix bug in filename in Excel/CSV export, + append timestamp (VANSTYN)
  • New sugar func 'throw_prompt_ok' (custom prompt system) (VANSTYN)
  • Virtual Columns /w 'set_function' auto call ->update, if dirty (VANSTYN)
  • DataStorePlus 'firstload' event now available in all contexts (VANSTYN)
  • More improvements to Date/Time editors (VANSTYN)
  • Fixed display bug related to autoload_added_record - #161 (VANSTYN)
  • Fix 'Useless bare catch' via TT (lost exceptions) (VANSTYN/RIBASUSHI)
  • Fix bug MetaKeys::Loader subclass - PR #159 (ILMARI)
  • New feature: ra-async-box (VANSTYN)
  • New column property 'documentation' - shows up: (VANSTYN)
    • Add/edit forms
    • Column Properties menupoint (grid column hmenu)
    • Default Property Grid (default row page)
  • Fix overly thick borders in a number of dialog boxes (VANSTYN)
  • Reauth dialog now utilizes queue to prevent duplicates (VANSTYN)
  • Module attr trait 'ExtProp' auto applies extconfig (VANSTYN)
  • DataStorePlus 'lastJsonData' saved in store obj for all CRUD reqs (VANSTYN)
  • DataStorePlus: new attr option 'reload_on_save' (VANSTYN)
  • CSS 'scopify' assets now support rule groups (VANSTYN)
  • Moved JS renderer function collection into 530-renderers.js (VANSTYN)
  • Require Catalyst::Controller::AutoAssets 0.33 (VANSTYN)
  • Require Catalyst::Controller::SimpleCAS 0.9981 (VANSTYN)
  • Require Template 2.26 (VANSTYN)
  • Require Plack 1.0037 (VANSTYN)
  • Require Catalyst 5.90101 (VANSTYN)
  • Lots of other misc tweaks and bug fixes (VANSTYN)
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