Changes for version 0.2_002

  • use Wubot::Logger across all test cases and libs
    • prevent log files from being created for test cases
  • added/tweaked a number of POD docs
  • rework wubot web ui to use Mojolicious instead of Mojolicious::Lite
    • remove code from wubot-web and move into Wubot::Web::*
    • move Wubot::Web routes to external config file
    • move graph links into web config file
    • multiple improvements to notifications web ui
  • rework EmacsOrgMode and Wubot::Util::Tasks
    • sqlite sync done in EmacsOrgMode plugin rather than in reactor
    • replace deadline and scheduled fields with deadline_utime and scheduled_utime
    • add age coloring to task webui
  • added a few prototypes for new plugins, not quite ready to go yet
    • facebook wall scraper - monitor a facebook wall without logging into facebook
    • active application in OS X
  • userdb reactor - read user properties from user config files
    • a work in progress
  • resolve a bug in the Pulse reactor where the pulses for some minutes could be missed
  • Wubot::SQLite - remove tablename validation, breaks if using a 'join' with SQL::Abstract
  • IRC plugin - remove '#' character from channel
  • adding 'coalesce' to some plugins for growl notifications and notifications web ui
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