XTaTIK - Rapidly deployable, multi-website eCommerce website base


This software is currently EXPERIMENTAL and the way it works might be changed. The first stable release is currently expected to appear before the end of 2015. Please consult milestones on GitHub for what's to come (Note: milestone dates might be moved).


The following code in your XTaTIK.conf is all you need to launch a new eCommerce website with the default theme. You'd then log in as the admin and tell the site which products from the master product database to display on it.

        site => 'awesomewidgets',
        text => {
            market           => 'Awesome Widgets',
            website_domain   => '',
            google_analytics => 'UA-00000000-00',
            paypal_custom    => 'AW: $promo_code',
            order_number     => 'AWX%06d',
            quote_number     => 'AWQ%06d',
            market_tag       => 'The Most Awesome Widgets In The World!',
        mojo_secrets => 'b4q34qgfdxw35t#$@!',


You can view a demo website running on XTaTIK at


XTaTIK is a typical eCommerce website base that can be used to run a single website, but its true power shows when you want to run many separate websites that belong to one company and offer overlapping sets of products (for example, single company serving several markets).

    XTaTIK Core
    ├── Single database for products and customer data
    └── Company Silo────── Single product images directory
        ├── Site 1 Silo
        ├── Site 2 Silo
        ├── Site 3 Silo
        └── Site 4 Silo

"Silo" is just a term for a directory with a subset of website files.

The idea, depicted above, is that core eCommerce functionality, like "About us" pages, product search, purchasing a product or adding one to a quote, and check out pages are all handled by XTaTIK core.

Company Silo offers any configuration that is to be shared among all the websites. This would be your company's branch addresses, maps, email addresses, etc. You can also override default XTaTIK's pages and even business logic. This is also where you keep all the product images.

In Site Silos, you setup anything that you can't specify in your Company Silo. This would be market name and Google Analytics tracking code, among others. As with the Company Silo, in Site Silos you can override any config, files, and business logic provided by the Company Silo or the XTaTIK core.

The end result is you don't duplicate anything that you don't need to. Each site is using the same master products database and master product pictures directory, so any changes done in one place are propagated to all of your sites. Same goes for any config you specify in the Company Silo.


To learn how to install and use XTaTIK, please see XTaTIK::Docs


Note: many of the features can be disabled

  • Offering products for online purchases

  • Offering products for quote requests

  • Plugin-based checkout systems (currently only PayPal is implemented)

  • GeoIP based pricing

  • Product search

  • Blog

  • Site feedback

  • Home, About Us, Company History, Contact Us, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy pages


XTaTIK is tested in and supports the current and previous major releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, as well as the current version of Google Chrome. There's unofficial support for IE8, IE9, and IE10, which will most likely end in 2016.

XTaTIK supports the current and previous major releases of Perl (not counting developer releases) and likely no attempt will be made to provide support for earlier versions. You can use Perlbrew to obtain the latest versions of Perl, if you're currently lacking one.


XTaTIK relies on technologies listed below. Depending on how much customization you desire, you may need to be familiar with some of them:


SEE ALSO, Mojolicious, Mojo::Pg


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If you can't access GitHub, you can email your request to bug-XTaTIK at



    Copyright © 2015, Zoffix Znet

You can use and distribute this module under The Artistic License 2.0. See the LICENSE file included in this distribution for complete details.

Note: for convenience of distribution, this module includes works created by other organizations. They retain their copyright and their original licenses:


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