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App::Chart::Gtk2::Ex::BindingBits -- helpers for Gtk2::BindingSet etc


 use App::Chart::Gtk2::Ex::BindingBits;


$bool = App::Chart::Gtk2::Ex::BindingBits::activate_button_event ($bindings, $event, $object)

Activate bindings for a button press $event. The return is true if a binding was found and activated or false if not.

$event should be a Gtk2::Gdk::Event::Button. The button number is turned into keyval Pointer_Button1 etc, modifiers get release-mask added if it's a button-release event, then simply

    $bindings->activate ($keyval, $modifiers, $object)

$bindings can be either a Gtk2::BindingSet object or a string name of a binding set for Gtk2::BindingSet->find. As of Gtk 2.18 there's keyvals for buttons 1 through 5. If $event->button is somehow another value then activate_button_event returns 0 as there cannot be any bindings for it.

See examples/ in the sources for a sample program.


For reference, as of Gtk 2.18 the Gtk2::Object method $object->bindings_activate is no good for Pointer_Button1 etc as that bindings_activate trys to go from keyval to hardware keycode then back to keyvals, but there's normally no keycode for the pointer buttons, so it doesn't lookup anything in the BindingSet.


Gtk2::BindingSet, Gtk2::Ex::WidgetBits, Gtk2::Gdk::Event::Button



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