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App::Chart::Series::Derived::Adjust -- series adjustments for dividends, splits, etc


 use App::Chart::Series::Derived::Adjust;
 my $adj_series = App::Chart::Series::Derived::Adjust->derive
                      ($series, adjust_splits => 1);


A App::Chart::Series::Derived::Adjust series applies adjustments to an underlying database series for stock splits, dividend reinvestment, etc. The split information etc is obtained from the database.


App::Chart::Series::Derived::Adjust->derive ($series, key=>value,...)

Create a new series which applies adjustments to $series, for some or all of dividends, splits, capital returns, etc. $series must be a App::Chart::Series::Database object. The adjustments are controlled by the following options arguments taken in key/value style

    adjust_splits        adjust for stock splits
    adjust_dividends     adjust for dividends (as reinvested)
    adjust_imputation    include imputation credits in dividends

For example

    my $db_series = App::Chart::Series::Database->new ('BHP.AX');

    my $adj_series = App::Chart::Series::Derived::Adjust->derive
      ($db_series, adjust_splits => 1,
                   adjust_dividends => 1);

If the options ask for no adjustments at all, or there's no splits etc in the database for the $series symbol then $series is simply returned.





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